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  China is a big mold manufacturing country. In 2016, China's total mold output value reached 220 billion yuan, 5 billion US dollars were exported, and 189 countries and regions were exported. China's mold industry maintained a pattern of steady development, further acceleration of transformation and upgrading, and bright prospects for improving quality and efficiency.
  At the same time, China is also a big mold consumer, widely used in the traffic equipment represented by the secondary market of 30 million automobile manufacturing and automobile maintenance, the consumer industry represented by household appliances, plastic products, etc., the information industry represented by integrated circuit, it products, communication terminals, network terminals, and the electromechanical equipment represented by instruments, electric motors, etc The basic components industry, as well as the building materials and home furnishing industry, covers almost all the user industries in the manufacturing field.
  At the same time, the development of China's high-speed rail train, rail transit train, medical equipment industry, commercial aircraft and other industries also depends on the guarantee of advanced mold processing and manufacturing technology, "mother of industry" is worthy of the title. In the face of such a large demand and the gradual improvement of accuracy, what is the development and innovation of mold manufacturing technology and equipment? Let's talk about the development direction of mold processing and design from the small editor of Shandong mold?
  一 、beplay全站app安卓加工设计的就业方向:
  1、 Employment direction of mold processing design:
  Can be engaged in design, manufacturing and maintenance, mold equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance and management. Electronic information, light industry production management, logistics management, equipment management, quality management, project management and product development, automobile industry, mechanical manufacturing technologist, CNC Engineer, etc.
  Graduates have great social demand and good treatment. Mold processing direction mold processing production organization; mold NC programming processing; mold 3D design; product development 3D design. Other technical direction: electronic information, light industry production management, logistics management, equipment management, quality management, project management and product development, automobile industry, mechanical manufacturing technologist, CNC Engineer, etc.
  2、 There are several development directions of mold processing design in the future:
  1. 高精度。尺寸的精度能否达到。以前做的好的是日本,德国。随着几十年不断的学习,创新,我们中国beplay全站app安卓行业也出现了一大批专门从事高精度beplay全站app安卓制造的公司。要做高精准beplay全站app安卓,主要要素有两个,一个是设备,一个是人才。
  1. High precision. Whether the accuracy of dimensions can be achieved. What we did well before was Japan, Germany. With decades of continuous learning and innovation, a large number of companies specializing in high-precision mold manufacturing have emerged in China's mold industry. There are two main elements to make high-precision mold, one is equipment, the other is talent.
  2. 率也就是高自动化。随着各种配合beplay全站app安卓生产的自动化设备的普及,还有beplay全站app安卓内部标准件的智能化程度提升,beplay全站app安卓生产的效率是越来越高了,而且会朝着更高,更好的境界发展。而在这个过程中,对beplay全站app安卓设计人员的要求也会越来越高,那个时候,beplay全站app安卓设计人员对自动化设备不能仅仅是了解了,还要参与到设计中才行。在机械化程度高度发展的未来,普工这个名词也将可能消失了。以后的工厂,只有三种人:管理人,技术人,机器人。
  2. High efficiency means high automation. With the popularization of various automatic equipment for die production and the improvement of the intelligent level of the standard parts inside the die, the efficiency of die production is getting higher and higher, and it will develop towards a higher and better realm. In this process, the requirements for mold designers will be higher and higher. At that time, mold designers should not only understand the automation equipment, but also participate in the design. In the future of high degree of mechanization, the term "general workers" will probably disappear. In the future, there are only three kinds of people in the factory: manager, technician and robot.
  3. 新型beplay全站app安卓随着技术革新不断进步。很多原来需要很复杂,很曲折的方式达到的beplay全站app安卓可以变得很简单。也有很多原来认为是不可能的结构成为可能。这些都是beplay全站app安卓行业新的机遇与挑战,具体来说,是beplay全站app安卓设计师们的机遇与挑战,掌握了这些新型beplay全站app安卓设计与制造技术的beplay全站app安卓厂,将有着更多的主动。beplay全站app安卓,永远都是靠技术和质量说话的行业啊!
  3. The new mold keeps improving with the technological innovation. Many of the original need to be very complex, very zigzag way to reach the mold can become very simple. There are also many structures that were previously considered impossible. These are new opportunities and challenges for mold industry. Specifically, they are opportunities and challenges for mold designers. Mold factories that master these new mold design and manufacturing technologies will have more initiative. Mold, always depends on the technology and quality of the industry!
  4. 产品研发与beplay全站app安卓融合这个趋势也是必然的。这种改变是比之流水线代替全能beplay全站app安卓师傅更能影响制造业模式的一种改变。简单的说,就是beplay全站app安卓设计讲和产品研发融合成一个新的岗位,一个能够负责整个产品从外观到机构,再到beplay全站app安卓,到beplay全站app安卓加工,beplay全站app安卓生产,产品组装一系列工作的一个全新的岗位。成为制造业的核心。
  4. The trend of product development and mold integration is inevitable. This kind of change is a kind of change that can influence the manufacturing mode more than the assembly line replacing the all-round mold master. In short, mold design and product R & D are integrated into a new position, a new position that can be responsible for the whole product from appearance to mechanism, to mold, to mold processing, mold production, product assembly. Become the core of manufacturing industry.
  Most of the new people in the mold industry are fresh graduates of mold major, or graduates of mechanical major. Relatively speaking, the number of mold major graduates still has some advantages, after all, understand some mold knowledge and mechanical drawing. Mold new people can be said to be the new blood of all posts in the mold industry. Without the supplement of new blood, the industry will not be able to operate reasonably. So what can new mold do? How to avoid detours?
  1、 Mold fitter master (fitter, repair fitter)
  This post used to be a versatile one, and the mold was basically made by them. But now the nature of this post has changed a lot. The specific parts processing has been divided into various processing posts, and there is no need for the fitter master to be responsible for it. Now it is basically divided into two positions: assembly fitter and die fitter. Among them, the fitter is mainly responsible for the assembly of the new mold, flying mold, test mold, etc., while the fitter is mainly responsible for the maintenance of the mold.
  The skills required for this position are as follows:
  1. 加工机器操作:一个合格的钳工应该掌握常用的机器操作,主要有铣、磨、车、钻等。再就是飞模、装配技巧。这些手工技能基本上没有太多的捷径可走,简单的说就是多看、多问、多练。当然,事先买本钳工工艺的书籍是必要的,里面有很多实用的东西,师傅不一定讲的到或者不是正确的说法。比如:磨刀的技巧和角度、丝攻的用法、螺牙孔的预留等等,其实书上都有详细的介绍。多研究下书本上的知识,不懂的问师傅,比一味的问师傅要好很多,一般一两个月,大部分机器操作就没有问题了。
  1. Machining machine operation: a qualified fitter should master the common machine operation, mainly including milling, grinding, turning, drilling, etc. Then there are flying die and assembly skills. Basically, there are not many shortcuts to these manual skills. In short, they are to look, ask and practice more. Of course, it's necessary to buy a book about fitter technology in advance. There are many practical things in it. The master doesn't have to say or is not right. For example: the skill and angle of sharpening the knife, the usage of tapping, the reservation of screw holes, etc., are all described in detail in the book. It's much better to study more knowledge in books and ask the master if you don't understand than to ask the master blindly. Generally, for one or two months, most of the machine operation will be free of problems.
  2. beplay全站app安卓结构:这部分属于理论上的知识了,作为beplay全站app安卓钳工也是需要懂的。学习方法跟上面一样,买一本beplay全站app安卓结构的书,(beplay全站app安卓的学生可以直接把以前的教材拿出来看,不用再买了)下班看书,上班看beplay全站app安卓,理论结合实践,两相印证,很快就可以掌握基本的beplay全站app安卓结构。一般也就一两个月,基本可以搞定。3-4个月下来,复杂一些的beplay全站app安卓结构也应该问题不大了。这个时候就要看厂里做到都是一些什么beplay全站app安卓了,如果都是一些简单的beplay全站app安卓,或是都是一个结构的beplay全站app安卓,厂里的东西基本上就学到头了。
  2. Mold structure: this part belongs to theoretical knowledge, and it is also necessary to understand as a mold fitter. The learning method is the same as the above. Buy a book about mold structure. (students majoring in mold can directly take out the previous teaching materials and don't need to buy any more) read books after work, look at the mold at work, combine theory with practice, two-phase verification, and soon master the basic mold structure. In general, it's only one or two months, which can be done basically. In the next 3-4 months, there should be no big problem with the more complicated mold structure. At this time, it depends on what kind of molds are made in the factory. If they are all simple molds or all of them are of one structure, the factory will basically learn something.
  3. 软件:一般的厂里对钳工师傅是没有这个要求的,但也有一些厂需要钳工自己能查图纸,会用当然是好了。其实也就是简单的操作下,学起来也简单。
  3. Software: there is no such requirement for fitter master in general factories, but there are also some factories that need fitter to check drawings by themselves, so it's good to be able to use them. In fact, under the simple operation, learning is also simple.
  The above is an introduction to the development direction of mold processing design. This article is provided by Shandong mold friendship. If you want to know more, please leave a message on the website http://www.jnhjgs.cn 。

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