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1、 Do not focus on product planning and ignore mold manufacturing:
When some users develop products or trial production of new products, they usually focus on product research and development at the initial stage, and neglect the communication with mold manufacturers. After the product planning scheme is preliminarily determined, there are two benefits to contact with the mold manufacturer in advance:
1. It can ensure that the planned products have good forming process, and can not modify the finalization plan because the parts are difficult to process.
2. The mold manufacturer can make planning preparation in advance to prevent improper consideration in a hurry and affect the construction period.
3. Manufacturing high-quality mold, as long as the supply and demand sides closely cooperate, can ultimately reduce costs and shorten the cycle.
2、 Don't just look at the price, but consider the quality, cycle and service in an all-round way:
1. There are many kinds of molds, which can be roughly divided into ten categories. According to the different requirements of part materials, physical and chemical properties, mechanical strength, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, service life, economy, etc., different types of dies are selected for forming.
2、精度要求高的beplay全站app安卓需求运用高精度的数控机床加工,并且beplay全站app安卓原料、成形工艺都有严格要求,还需运用CAD / CAE / CAMbeplay全站app安卓技能去规划、剖析。
2. The mold with high precision needs to be processed with high precision CNC machine tools, and the mold raw materials and forming process are strictly required. The CAD / CAE / CAM mold skills are also needed to plan and analyze.
3. Some parts have special requirements when forming, and the mold also needs to use the advanced technology such as warm runner, gas assisted molding, nitrogen cylinder, etc.
4. The manufacturer shall be equipped with CNC, EDM, WEDM and CNC profiling milling equipment, high-precision grinder, high-precision three coordinate measuring instrument, computer planning and related software, etc.
5. Generally, large stamping dies (such as automobile covering dies) should consider whether the machine tool has blank holder structure, even edge lubricant, multi position progressive, etc. In addition to the punching tonnage, the punching times, feeding equipment, machine tools and die protection equipment shall be considered.
6. The manufacturing methods and processes of the above moulds are not possessed and mastered by every enterprise. When selecting a cooperative manufacturer, we must know its processing ability, not only look at the hardware equipment, but also combine the management level, processing experience and skill strength.
7. For the same set of mould, different manufacturers sometimes offer a lot of distance. You should not pay more than the value of the mold, but also not less than the cost of the mold. Mold manufacturers, like you, want to make a reasonable profit in business. Ordering a set of molds with a much lower price will be the beginning of trouble. Users should start from their own requirements and measure them comprehensively.
3、 To prevent multiple cooperation, try to integrate mold manufacturing and product processing:
1. With a qualified mold (qualified test piece), it is not necessarily possible to produce a batch of qualified products. This is mainly related to the selection of machining machine tools, forming process (forming temperature, forming time, etc.) and the skill and quality of operators.
2. With a good mold, but also have a good forming process, the best is one-stop cooperation, try to prevent multi cooperation. If the conditions are not met, it is necessary to select a party to take the post in an all-round way and make it clear when signing the contract.
The above are the precautions for mold making. This article is provided by Shandong mold friendship. To learn more about mold making, please click the official website http://www.jnhjgs.cn 。

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